Experience 2020: Passion Forward

Whether on social media, IRL, or in personal/professional relationships, your brand is what announces who you are, what you do and how well you do it, how you work, what lights your fire, and what you believe in. It is how you envision yourself, but also how people, potential business prospects, clients, and partners see and experience you.

Mirna Valerio (aka The Mirnavator) will use her career trajectory as a framework for the discovery of your “story” and the ability to identify your personal brand.

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Experience 2019 Lineup

Experience 2019 begins June 6 with a cocktail kickoff at Blue 5 (4:30-7 p.m.) and the full conference, The Future of Leadership, is June 7 (7 a.m.-5 p.m.) at the Taubman Museum of Art in Roanoke.

The conference includes plenty of sessions that will help you develop as a leader, plus networking and outdoor events to help you get even more engaged in the community. A ticket — just $65 — gets you into everything listed.

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Blockchain in the ER? The Future of Heathcare Starts with You

keel coleman experience

The same skills that make you a good leader can help you take control of your health.

Get an insider’s guide to how you can get the best experience out of a doctor’s visit at Experience 2019. Dr. Keel Coleman will walk us through what medical professionals need from us in order to give the best diagnoses. (And having those conversations aren’t always easy; this can be a great step in learning how to have tough talks in all aspects of your life.)

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The Key to Workplace Success? Adaptability

jeff smith experience speaker

How many times have you pivoted in your career already? The ability to adapt and change is more than just agility on your feet; it’s a skill that can make you a great leader.

With the constant change of technology and more young professionals entering the workforce, adaptability in the workplace for all ages is key to future success. Jeff Smith will dive into how we can continue to educate and be educated from coworkers who may have a variety of learning styles at Experience 2019.

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What Will Your Future Workplace Look Like?

That cubicle you are sitting in might be a thing of the past.

Nicholas Ratcliff, an architect/interior designer who started his career as a brand designer for Gensler before moving to a boutique firm in New York, will lead a session where he dives into the future of workspaces and how the environment around you can impact work performance.

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Faces of Experience: Taryn Louma

Did you know that members of the Experience committee are volunteers with careers outside of event planning?

Taryn Luoma is a Roanoke native who moved away at a young age and recently moved back to the region after taking a job at the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute. She is excited to see more young professionals come here for work. When she is not working, she enjoys indoor rock climbing at The River Rock Climbing gym, petting any dog that crosses her path, reading, and trying to spruce up her own little fixer-upper.

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