Experience 2020: Passion Forward

Whether on social media, IRL, or in personal/professional relationships, your brand is what announces who you are, what you do and how well you do it, how you work, what lights your fire, and what you believe in. It is how you envision yourself, but also how people, potential business prospects, clients, and partners see and experience you.

Mirna Valerio (aka The Mirnavator) will use her career trajectory as a framework for the discovery of your “story” and the ability to identify your personal brand.

Experience is June 4-5 in Roanoke, Va. This year’s focus is on ENDURANCE. Your career isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. In order to finish the race, you need tools to grow through personal and professional challenges. You’ll find that at Experience 2020.

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It is becoming more and more crucial to be able to state who you are with absolute and authority, to have a solid knowledge of who you are/how you identify (in every respect of the word IDENTIFY), and to have an intimate knowledge of what your passions, interests, skills, and strengths are. In addition, your perspectives, core values, and your lived experiences inform all of the above and this is what shines through in how you exist in the world.

mirna roanoke

Mirna Valerio is a native of Brooklyn, NY, a former educator, cross-country coach, ultrarunner, obstacle course enthusiast, and author of the recently published memoir, “A Beautiful Work in Progress.”

Although she began running in high school, she recommitted to the sport after a health scare in 2008. It was then that her love for running and all its attendant benefits were reignited. She soon started her blog Fatgirlrunning, about her experiences as a larger woman in a world of thinner athletes. Mirna’s athletic story was featured in the WSJ, Runner’s World, on the NBC Nightly News, CNN, CW Network, and in the viral REI-produced documentary short, The Mirnavator. Her writing has been featured in Women’s Running Magazine, Self Magazine Online, Outside Online, and Runner’s World Magazine.

Mirna was also chosen as a 2018 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, a Garmin Woman of Adventure, and was featured in a New York Times article on Body Positivity, “Five People Who Can Help You Love Your Body.” She has also been a guest on several major podcasts, including the Rich Roll Podcast, the Strava Athletes Unfiltered Podcast, and the Running For Real Podcast with Tina Muir. Most recently, Mirna was featured on the Kelly Clarkson Show.

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