What Will Your Future Workplace Look Like?

That cubicle you are sitting in might be a thing of the past.

Nicholas Ratcliff, an architect/interior designer who started his career as a brand designer for Gensler before moving to a boutique firm in New York, will lead a session where he dives into the future of workspaces and how the environment around you can impact work performance.

This is just one of the sessions that will help you jump start conversations about Future of Leadership at Experience 2019 on June 7.

Get to know Ratcliff a little better with these four questions (and answers) in his own words.

What drives you as a leader?

Working with teams on projects that have great potential. Seeing clients get excited about an idea that we’ve spent countless hours formulating and contouring specifically to their needs drives me to help teams execute those ideas into reality.

Who was a mentor that helped you achieve your success?

A former boss at Gensler who believed in my talent and potential in the midst of an intense, competitive New York office environment. Today, she is a close friend and client.

What is your favorite thing about the industry you work in?

I look back really fondly to the (once in a while) late nights in the office with like-minded colleagues. I think some of my best work came out of those experiences. I also like that inherently everyone is hospitality-minded … so they know how to throw a good party.

Where can you be found on a Saturday afternoon?

In my apartment, re-arranging wall art.

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