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When you have passion, liking your job is easy. Even if the work isn’t. Find your drive. Get to know the Roanoke Region of Virginia.

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“My job is going to be stressful anywhere I go but in Roanoke I am not stressed when I leave work. There are many outdoor activities that I can do right outside the hospital to relax.”
— Dr. Darien Wang, VTC Internal Medicine Faculty

“It is a wonderful place to grow in a career. I found Roanoke to provide me with more opportunities for growth than a larger city.”
— Ariel Wossene, attorney at Gentry Locke

“I opened my business about a year ago in Roanoke and choose Roanoke because of the cost of living, the passionate people, and the outdoors.”
— Steven Ambruzs, Owner of Downshift – Hand Crafted Bikes & Brews

“I am choosing to work in Roanoke because there is opportunity here at all levels. It’s great to know I can find a job anywhere in the world, but I can also find places to contribute to and grow in right at home!”
— Carley Beckner, Taubman Museum of Art