How to Get Buy In, Management Approval, (and Recognition) for Your Projects

As a young professional, have you struggled to have your project ideas accepted or even worse, had a project killed in the middle?

Dave Rohrer will lead an interactive project management session to help you learn how to move your projects from start to finish at Experience 2019.

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dave rohrer business of digital podcastExperience 2019 begins June 6 with a cocktail kickoff at Blue 5 and the full conference, The Future of Work, is June 7 at the Taubman Museum of Art in Roanoke.

Rohrer will discuss how to navigate internal politics and stakeholders (aka how to make your boss listen to your great ideas and support them).

As an in-house and agency digital leader for more than 20 years, Rohrer has solved problems and increased revenue for companies both large (Internet Retailer 100 & Fortune 500) and small (start-ups & small, local businesses).

Rohrer is the co-host of The Business of Digital Podcast and runs Chicago-based digital agency NorthSide Metrics. He is an internationally recognized speaker and can be found sharing his digital marketing wisdom at conferences like PubCon Pro, Midwest Digital Marketing Conference, and the Craft Brewer’s Conference.

3 Questions with Dave Rohrer of The Business of Digital Podcast

What drives you as a leader?

I think what drives me is watching others realize they have more potential than they think they do and then watching them reach it and more. One of my mentors believed that if you left the company and were going onward and upward he had done his job of helping you grow. He of course would fight to keep you if he could but I always loved his drive to make the company and team better by making you smarter and stronger.

What is your preferred leadership style?

I try to lead by example and let those around me find ways to shine. As much as possible I try to be hands off with those I lead and mentor but make sure they know they have my support and can look to me to help whenever they have questions or get stuck. It usually takes me a few small projects and maybe a larger one to fully understand how hands-off I can be and how much guidance, direction and support someone may need in a role but I think in the end I find a good balance (my goal is always to avoid being a micromanager).

What is your favorite thing about the industry you work in?

The only constant thing is change. Digital Marketing changes every decade, year, month, day and honestly by the hour. The audit I delivered last week to a client could already be outdated due to some new thing that Google/Bing/LinkedIn/Facebook/etc. have rolled out since.

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Experience 2019

June 6-7, 2019 at Taubman Museum of Art in Roanoke

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