Experience 2020: Grow Your Career with Your Current Company

craig floyd grow career

How can you grow your career if your company isn’t growing? Growing your career doesn’t necessarily mean exiting your current company. You can create learning opportunities for yourself and gain management experience without having to leave, even if your company doesn’t appear to have growth opportunities. Craig Floyd will offer advice on how to proactively advance your career from your current position.

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Experience 2020: How to Up Your Game on Nutrition

How do you fuel your body for success?

Intuitive eating sports dietitian, former college athlete, mother of twins, and business owner, Jennie Zabinsky will share practical nutrition tips for work and play. It’s time to see what eating looks like that’s focused on nourishment, pleasure, practicality, and living your best life.

You’ll leave the session “How to Up Your Game on Nutrition: Practical Performance Nutrition to Fuel Your Busy Life” with ideas on how to eat right for your lifestyle.

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Experience 2020: Passion Forward

Whether on social media, IRL, or in personal/professional relationships, your brand is what announces who you are, what you do and how well you do it, how you work, what lights your fire, and what you believe in. It is how you envision yourself, but also how people, potential business prospects, clients, and partners see and experience you.

Mirna Valerio (aka The Mirnavator) will use her career trajectory as a framework for the discovery of your “story” and the ability to identify your personal brand.

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#SearchForLove2020 Photo Contest

We had such a blast searching for LOVE with you last year that we’re doing it again in 2020 … and there are some new love signs to find! The #SearchForLove2020 Photo Contest starts now and runs throughout February.

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Nab Top Talent Next Summer with a Better Internship Listing Now

roanoke region internship

Top college students will start looking for summer internships as soon as they return to campus this fall.

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Post Internship Listings Now

Did you know that top college students commit to an internship in September or October?

If you want to recruit in-demand talent for summer internships, co-ops, and apprenticeships, you need to post them now. The Roanoke Regional Partnership is here to help.

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