Internship Canceled? Don’t Panic … We Got You Covered

College students and recent grads have seen their summer plans dashed by COVID-19, including the withdrawal of internship and job offers.

But you can prepare for your future career this summer. The Experience Leadership Institute is a summer-long program that will help you master skills that employers have rated most important. The certificate program will be conducted by leaders and employers in the Roanoke Region of Virginia during eight online sessions.

Use it to boost your resume if the summer isn’t shaping up the way you intended. Continue reading “Internship Canceled? Don’t Panic … We Got You Covered”

COVID-19 Resources

We know there’s a lot of information to navigate regarding COVID-19. From navigating working remotely to changes in job status to having kids at home 24/7 to professional development and learning opportunities, the right tools can make it a little easier.

The goal of this page is to provide resources and information in one place to help residents of the Roanoke Region during this time. We will do our best to update it when we learn new information. You can suggest additional resources using the form at the bottom of this page. Continue reading “COVID-19 Resources”

Working Remote Presents New Challenges; Navigate Them with Ease 

zoom tips

Videoconferencing, team chat apps, and virtual meetings are making everyone a little uncomfortable. 

And that’s OK. 

As a digital native, or someone that works in the technology industry, this can be an exciting challenge. Learning new technology is fun and adds efficiency to your day. 

Working remotely is new for many of us and our aptitudes in technology are front and center. We feel angst as a coworker struggles to get Zoom off mute or when document-sharing isn’t so seamless. Learning curves are on display for all to see.   Continue reading “Working Remote Presents New Challenges; Navigate Them with Ease “

Experience 2020: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone with the Unlikely Thru-Hiker

Being comfortable with getting uncomfortable takes practice. To succeed in your professional life, you have to step outside your comfort zone to take on a new challenge or learn a new task. You don’t have to do something as drastic as hiking the Appalachian Trail, but learning how to take on a new role and put one foot in front of each other is enough!

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Experience 2020: Women in Leadership

Some of the best conversations come when we can ask questions and share experiences. Join our indoor “fireside chat” and hear candid stories of the challenges, successes, and failures of these strong leaders as they have grown through their careers. These leaders have been through a variety of life experiences, industries, and careers and they are ready to share some insights with you!

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Experience 2020: You Have the Degree, Now You Need (the Right) Experience: Help!

Do you wonder what the path looks like to your dream job? In the real world, your GPA and major don’t always equate to immediate success.

Hiring managers say that experience is the most important element in getting a job BUT how do you get that experience? Empower yourself with a roadmap of networking and experience tactics to get on the quick path to success.

Get tips from Alex Strathdee and Rishav Khanal, founders of the Practically Passionate podcast where they interviewed individuals who had taken different paths in life. This included the likes of Wes Bush, CEO of Northrop Grumman, Fred Gaudelli, executive producer of the Super Bowl and Sunday Night Football, and even Tamar Greene who plays George Washington in the theatre production of Hamilton.

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Experience 2020: What Do You Meme Meeting Facilitation

As young leaders, the best impression you can make to your leadership is to run an effective meeting. Managers and leaders are running from meeting to meeting, many of which they leave wondering why they were even attending. Meeting facilitation can be crucial to your early leadership opportunities and growth.

This breakout session will give you an insider’s look at some of the most successful (and not so successful) meetings that Kristen Gorman, MHA, PMP, CPPS has facilitated at Carilion Clinic. She will use her experience and some funny memes to explore this challenging topic. Additionally, you will practice and walk away with some hands-on tips to start using next week at work.

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