Where to Experience EXPERIENCE! A Complete List of 2024 Conference Venues

Change isn’t about staying in the same space—it’s about moving forward. That being said, why would we host a change-maker conference in just one spot?

Experience Conference 2024 is taking place among a dozen venues in Roanoke so attendees can, well, experience the vibrant, beautiful city we all know and love! Each day features a conference hub location with satellite locations for various other programs and events. Check out the venues below!

The Taubman Museum of Art

110 Salem Ave. SE, Roanoke (May 2 Main Hub)

What better place to get inspired than the cultural hub of the region? With its unique architectural style reflecting the Blue Ridge Mountains and the point of the Roanoke Star, the Taubman is one of the most recognizable buildings in all of Roanoke. We’ll shine a spotlight on arts, culture, and connections in the sunny atrium, and soak in the words of nationally-recognized speakers among classic works of art.

Talent Wars Unpacked with Patience Fairbrother (Keynote)
Networking and Communication in Professional Settings
Live Dance Performance with the Southwest Virginia Ballet
“What is the Super Power of the Future? With Rishi Jaitly (Keynote)

The EYE Planetarium at the Science Museum of Western Virginia

1 Market Square, SE, Roanoke, VA

Did you know Roanoke has a planetarium? It’s brand new! Thanks to a sponsorship from the Science Museum of Western Virginia, you enjoy it during an exclusive Experience-attendee only Hoot and Holler, aptly named “Working 9 to 5!” This storytelling program, reminiscent of the Moth Radio Hour and TED Talks, has become a local favorite. Led by “story mid-wife” Lee Hunsaker, these uniquely human events regularly sell out, one-time-only you can see it in a setting that’s out of the world (see what we did there?). Seating is limited to the first 100 people, so get there quickly! (Pro tip: afterward, head straight upstairs for the Networking Happy Hour at Six and Sky Rooftop Bar)

“Working 9 to 5” exclusive Hoot and Holler (May 2)

Six and Sky Rooftop Grille

1 Market Square, Roanoke

(Photo courtesy of SixandSky.com)

Situated atop the Center in the Square in the heart of Downtown Roanoke, you can check out Roanoke’s new (and only) rooftop bar, Six and Sky! This newly renovated venue offers panoramic views of the city and the Blue Ridge Mountains, an incredible and unique menu, and excellent service. Experience Conference is hosting a Roanoke Regional Professional Network Social here, and Experience attendees can enjoy their first drink for free along with some tasty snacks and great conversation.

Thursday Night Social at Six & Ski Rooftop Bar (May 2)


110 Franklin Road SE, Roanoke

Let’s talk tech in one of the techiest spaces we have—PowerSchool! Located in the former Norfolk Southern Building in downtown Roanoke, PowerSchool is the leading provider of cloud-based education software in North America and a major tech employer in the region.

Innovation Speed Shares (May 2)
What’s Happening at 1030 2. Jefferson? Roanoke Biotech Incubator. (May 2)
Collaboratively Driving Innovation Forward (May 3)

City Market Building

32 Market Square SE, Roanoke

(Photo courtesy of CityMarketBuilding.com)

A centralized market originally created to bring the community together? Sounds like the ideal place to keep the conversation flowing over some local fare! This historic building is in the heart of downtown and “stands as a vibrant testament to the city’s rich heritage and thriving community spirit.” Inside, you’ll find restaurants and shops showcasing Roanoke’s artistic, cultural, and culinary scene.

Lunch @ The Market, sponsored by RBTC (May 2&3)
The Power of an Invested Community (May 3)

The Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center

110 Shenandoah Ave, NE, Roanoke, VA (May 3 Hub Location)

Are you even going to a conference in Roanoke if you’re not at the Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center? Originally built in 1882, the Hotel Roanoke (also known as The Grand Old Lady) has been a mainstay of the region for nearly 150 years. It’s home to international conferences, festive celebrations, and even the Virginia Tech Hokies Football Team! The Tudor-style construction stands in stark (but welcome) contrast to the urban setting and the architectural style of its neighbor, The Taubman Museum of Art. While we might be in a historic building, we’ll actually be talking about the future with topics such as transformational developments in the region, building infrastructure for bikes and pedestrians, and the new Melrose Plaza.

Transformational Development with Ed Walker (Keynote)
Reducing Car Dependence: Who’s Doing it Right and How Does the Roanoke Region Measure Up?
Melrose Plaza: Celebrating Culture. Empowering a Community
Holy S*#t: The Future of AI with Marty Weiner (Keynote)

The Spot on Kirk

22 Kirk Ave, SW, Roanoke, VA

(Photo courtesy of thespotonkirk.org)

With a capacity of 130 people, this intimate venue is one of the best spots to catch a musical act or comedy show up close and personal! For our purposes, it’s the perfect place for our Live Podcast Stage! Local podcasters Quincy Randolph (Rookie Restauranteur Podcast)  Xavier Tremaine (The Hustler’s Spirit) and Liz Long (The Roanoker Magazine) will be recording live podcasts surrounding the local community, and you can be there LIVE! Check it out Friday, May 3 from 1-5 PM.

Live Podcast Stage (May 3)

The Fab Lab at Virginia Western

3094 Colonial Ave. SW, Roanoke

If you haven’t noticed, Virginia Western has been doing some REALLY cool stuff in our community. They’re actively helping regional employers educate and train their workforce (usually at no cost to the student), and they’re helping the region keep this highly skilled talent here at home! It’s a beautiful campus in Roanoke, and you can check out their new (and super awesome) Fab Lab!

(Photo courtesy of Branch Builds)

The Fab Lab: Hands-on Experience with 3D Printing +More (May 3)

202 Social House

202 Market Street SE, Roanoke

(Photo courtesy of Instagram)

202 Social House is the perfect combination of dining and nightlight. With four separate rooms, each with its own theme, it’s like four different venues in one! This makes it ideal for the official Experience After Pary: Music MAY-HEM. Upstairs will be vibing over the hottest hits from icons Beyonce and Drake. Downstairs will keep you moving with pop-dance favorites throughout the night. After two days of personal and professional growth, you deserve to let loose and dance the night away!

Official Experience After Party: Music MAY-HEM @ 202 Social House (May 3)

Status Lounge

213 Williamson Rd, Roanoke

An award-winning chef and a fun, welcoming environment–we are excited to bring Status into the venue lineup for Experience Conference as the site of Bonnie’s Big Inclusive Brunch! Hosted by Get2KnowNoke Talent Ambassador and CEO of Building Beloved Communities Bonnie Chavez, this after-after party is the perfect conclusion to this placemaking and professional development conference.

(Photo courtesy of Facebook.com)

Bonnie’s Big Inclusive Brunch (May 4)