Internship Canceled? Don’t Panic … We Got You Covered

College students and recent grads have seen their summer plans dashed by COVID-19, including the withdrawal of internship and job offers.

But you can prepare for your future career this summer. The Experience Leadership Institute is a summer-long program that will help you master skills that employers have rated most important. The certificate program will be conducted by leaders and employers in the Roanoke Region of Virginia during eight online sessions.

Use it to boost your resume if the summer isn’t shaping up the way you intended.

Still unsure about the plans you made months ago? Follow these tips:

If you haven’t yet heard anything from your employer

Reach out. Some companies are adjusting to working from home and an email might be the nudge they need to prioritize communication on summer plans. If you are still getting total silence, move forward with some alternate options and continue to hope for the best.

If your internship was canceled

Stay calm. Your opportunity for an internship might still be around in the future, maybe even into 2021. If you hope to be gainfully employed by then, do not fret, you will be able to apply for jobs WITHOUT an internship. After having gone through this global pandemic themselves, employers will likely cut you some slack for not having had a rock-star summer experience.

If you are in limbo

Admittedly, this is hard. Continue to reach out to potential employers, stay graceful, and understanding in your communication. Behind the scenes, think about Plan B, and C, and D. Some of the best opportunities can come when other plans fall through.

Internships are supposed to be about having a meaningful experience. They are intended for you to learn, to grow, gain mentors, make connections, and perhaps most importantly, figure out if the job or industry is for you or not.

Now more than ever it’s time to broaden your definition of that experience. Any type of work in which you learn, have responsibility, talk to people (even if it is over Zoom) counts as experience to a future employer. Get started on a small independent project, start your own company, babysit, dog walk, anything!

Employers say that any kind of work experience matters as long as you can talk about what you did or the skills you learned.

Looking for a resume-builder this summer?

Spend the summer with us (even if you still have an internship)!

Learn more about who you are and what your future boss is looking for in a star employee. The Experience Leadership Institute is a summer-long program that will help you master skills that employers have rated most important. Established by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, these eight sessions will arm you with the gold standard of soft skills.

You will not only be meeting other young professionals and building your network, but you will also learn how to talk about skills you already have that will allow you to successfully transition from college to the workplace. Upon completion, you’ll earn a resume-boosting Experience Leadership Institute Certificate.


We know that this time is stressful. We all feel it. Remember: This is a WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC. Everyone is adjusting, shifting, and changing. You still have opportunities to build your resume. Take a deep breath, get outside for a bit, keep up the good work, and register for the Experience Leadership Institute. You’ll feel more in control of your future.