Nab Top Talent Next Summer with a Better Internship Listing Now

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Top college students will start looking for summer internships as soon as they return to campus this fall.

That means it’s not too early to get a listing online and in front of top college talent before they commit somewhere else. Even if your company’s internship details haven’t been formally approved, you can post an evergreen listing to help generate interest and collect resumes.

5 Tips for Posting an Internship Listing That Appeals to Top Talent

  1. Post early. The cycle has sped up, and most college students start going to job and internship fairs and applying for summer positions in the fall, often as early as September or October.
  2. Create an evergreen listing. You don’t need a precise listing for internship listings. A simple listing (below) is enough to generate interest, and you can always update it with finer details later.
  3. Use keywords. College students will search for terms such as their major (business, engineering, architecture, marketing) and internship. You can also “target” students from specific colleges by including a sentence that references a particular school, such as “COMPANY hired eight engineering interns from Virginia Tech in 2019.” Make sure your listing uses these words to ensure that your listing is easy to find.
  4. Promote perks. What is unique about your company? Location? Special training or activities for interns (such as participation in the Get2KnowNoke Summer Internship Program)? Note these perks in the internship listing.
  5. Make the most of regional marketing efforts. Post internships in the Get2KnowNoke internship board. The tool will be shared on college campuses throughout the fall during in-person events, promotion at student housing, and via digital marketing. (And you don’t have to pay anything for this marketing on your behalf.)

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Post Internships Now

If you want to recruit in-demand talent for summer internships, co-ops, and apprenticeships, you need to post them now.

Don’t miss out on top talent; let us market your internships for you!

Our new internship portal will be promoted on college campuses this fall via in-person and digital marketing. Roanoke Regional Partnership investors get a company profile and can post internships at no charge. (Email Carrie for a username and password.)

Any company in the Roanoke Region can post an internship listing for $100 annually.

Need help? Download the instruction guide