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Personal Branding and Using Social Media as a Positive Tool for Professional Success
Jan. 7 at noon

gina schaulandGina Schauland is the owner of Neighborly Digital, specializing in social media management and photography for community organizations, outdoor lifestyle brands, and non-profits. Gina began a career in social media 13 years ago when businesses were just starting to experiment with online social media platforms and has been able to successfully navigate this space by experimenting with content and new platforms, listening to those people/businesses who have their pulse on the industry and attending conferences and seminars to see what’s coming next.

Gina is originally from the west coast and moved to Roanoke three years ago with her husband, Jeff, and their dog, Sonny. When she’s not working with clients, she loves to ride bicycles, camp, and explore all the outdoors has to offer.

Technology in the Workplace
Jan. 11 at noon

tmeicHave you ever wondered why the technology you use when you are in your academic program doesn’t always match what you use when you are in your first job or internship? Hear the experiences of other young professionals and learn how to adapt to your company or clients, and how technology is an important skill for job or internship success.

The panel includes a trio from TMEIC — Hrishikesh Kulkarni, associate process automation field engineer; Prashant Singh Baghel, associate field engineer – process automation; and Surabhi Lale, Associate Control Engineer.

Understand Your Digital Bias: How What You Do Online Impacts What You See Online
Jan. 12 at noon

carrie cousinsDid you know that clicking just one ad can impact everything you see online for days? Or that a search query can influence the news you see on social media? We will investigate with someone who knows how digital footprints work because they are part of everyday marketing and advertising in an increasingly digital world.

Carrie Cousins of the Roanoke Regional Partnership is a designer, writer, and content marketer with more than 15 years of experience in the media industry. She’s also the voice of the Partnership online and on social media and manages the organization’s digital presence.

Conversation with Alex Strathdee and Rishav Khanal, founders of the Practically Passionate podcast
Jan. 15 at noon

Alex and Rishav became friends working for the same startup back in 2016. The company raised over $100,000 at an evaluation of over 1 million before dissolving in 2017. Regardless, the relationship had been built and the two became obsessed with providing value to the world. They both came from foreign countries, Australia and Nepal, and grew up in middle to low-income households with Rishav having lived on food stamps and free/reduced lunch until the age of 18. These humble beginnings were something they had in common along with knowing that there was too much opportunity in America to let this define their futures.

After graduating from Virginia Tech in 2018, Rishav and Alex went on to work for LinkedIn and 2017 Top Tech IPO, Appian. In their first few months on the job, they wrote the Amazon Bestseller, Experience Over Degrees: The Blueprint To Get You The Job Your Degree Doesn’t, which was distributed by more than 10 different universities including their alma mater, The Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech.

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