LinkedIn Learning, Grad School, Grow With Google … Which is Right for You?

  • When: Thursday, Nov. 19 at noon EST
  • Where: Virtual

If the past few months have left you wanting or needing to pivot in your career, this session will discuss next steps.

From on-demand classes that grow your skillset from home to full-time educational programs that may make you more competitive in the job market, this panel will share a variety of ways to stand out for a promotion or to a future employer.

The panel includes Chance Smith, co-founder of tech company GoghNow, Charles Wilcox from LinkedIn Learning, and Brad Stephens of Virginia Career Works Blue Ridge.

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About the speakers

Chance Smith, was born in Roanoke and was an active member of the community until he moved to Charlotte, NC, in 2012 after graduating from Radford University. He prides himself on being an innovator and connector of people. He is the co-founder of GoghNow, a tech company that enables people to book live music to any location at the tap of a button. He feels blessed with the opportunity to turn his passion into a growing company with the people he loves. Chance has done work with Digital Charlotte, focusing on the digital divide within underserved communities to focus on online education and fundamental technological resources. He also finds time to give back to the youth with speaking engagements.

Charles Wilcox from LinkedIn Learning works with government agencies and workforce development boards across the Commonwealth of Virginia to provide learning resources to employees and citizens. The LinkedIn Learning Online Content Library provides +16,000 courses focused on computer software, creative and business skills.

Brad Stephens is the Business & Development Manager at Virginia Career Works-Blue Ridge. He helps companies find the employees they need and meet their workforce needs. He has spent the past several years working across the social change and business communities in Roanoke and helping build innovative community solutions. Along with being the founder of Big Lick SOUP, the Director of the CoLab and helping put on CityWorks (X)po, he is always looking for new community development projects that can help improve the lives of the people that call this community home. Brad and his wife, Sarah, moved to the Roanoke Valley almost 10 years ago while he was working on his M.S. in Forestry at Virginia Tech with a focus on community collaborations in sustainable development. Ever since, this community has felt like home. They have grown to love the authenticity of this dynamic place.


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