Experience 2020: How to Up Your Game on Nutrition

How do you fuel your body for success?

Intuitive eating sports dietitian, former college athlete, mother of twins, and business owner, Jennie Zabinsky will share practical nutrition tips for work and play. It’s time to see what eating looks like that’s focused on nourishment, pleasure, practicality, and living your best life.

You’ll leave the session “How to Up Your Game on Nutrition: Practical Performance Nutrition to Fuel Your Busy Life” with ideas on how to eat right for your lifestyle.

Experience is June 4-5 in Roanoke, Va. This year’s focus is on ENDURANCE. Your career isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. In order to finish the race, you need tools to grow through personal and professional challenges. You’ll find that at Experience 2020.

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Jennie Zabinsky, MAEd, RD is a sports dietitian, practicing for nearly a decade in the New River Valley of Virginia. After a nine-year stint as Associate Athletics Director of Sports Nutrition for Virginia Tech Athletics, Zabinsky recently became an adjunct instructor and performance nutrition consultant to VT Athletics. She also owns a private practice in Blacksburg, Bliss Nutrition, which centers around sports performance and eating disorders.

She enjoys working with athletes at all levels, including youth athletes and those retired from sport, as well as those that struggle with their relationship to food, body, and exercise. She holds degrees from Roanoke College (BS in Sociology) and Virginia Tech (BS in Human, Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise and Masters of Arts in Education). She played basketball for Roanoke College from 2001-2005.

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