Roanoke: A ‘Cool City You Should Check Out Before Everyone Else’

Looking for a place with a certain cool factor?

Look no further than the Roanoke Region.

The Matador Network, an online travel guide, named Roanoke a cool city you should check out before everyone else does. (And we totally agree.)

Here’s what the Matador Network has to say:

“It would be hard (and a bit sad) to visit Roanoke and not take advantage of its location in Virginia’s Blue Ridge, with access to 600 miles of hiking trails (including some of the most scenic sections of the Appalachian Trail), 300 miles of mountain biking trails, and tons of rivers and lakes for paddling, SUPing, and rafting. But even if you’re keeping it urban, the city has tons to keep you busy.”

Roanoke is on the list with some other hopping locations such as Pittsburgh, Sacramento, and West Palm Beach. Roanoke made the list at No. 12.